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My name is Sam Malik and I earn my living by driving a taxicab in the area of St. Louis, MO. Taxi business is a hard job; I have to get up early morning to take people to airport and other destinations, and rest of the day I spend in my taxi waiting outside the hotels for passengers. There are a lot of drivers like me in the city of St. Louis and I guess all of them do the same. I would appreciate if you comment below and let me know how I can improve my services, moreover you can rate me on yelp

Let's Talk about Uber:

Uber like any other NTC's (Network Transport Company) have a lot going for it, most important it is convenient and able to track drivers, not to mention private cars. But beside that there is another side to it that many users are not aware of. A cab driver is required by state law to get a Class E license and that requires a FBI background check via fingerprinting, driving record check and a full medical checkup making sure a driver is able to drive people in safe manner, BUT...


Uber drivers are not regulated by any rules and laws of the state that are there to protect us when needed. They make their own rules and don't care for State laws. Their drivers are not insured and only their insurance kicks in once a rider start the trip.


there are no State mandated background checks via FBI database to see if the driver has any felonies or any other convictions.


their drivers are paid far less after Uber takes almost 50% of the fare in fees, as you all know most of the rides are around $10 in a cab fare, with Uber a rider is charged around $7-$8, but outta that $1.70 goes as safe driver fee and then another 20% of the fare is Uber fee, so the driver is left with around $4 of which he has to pay for gas, time, maintenance and his vehicle depreciation so basically he is working for less than minimum wage.


you cannot even call Uber office to file a complaint, there are no phone numbers to reach anyone in their office, just via email.
Please keep locally owned cab companies stay in business by saying NO to Uber who doesn't invest a penny in St Louis economy but keeps all to themselves. Your Taxicab drivers live here and have families that they support, every penny they make goes back into the economy of St Louis.
Thank You for reading all this and would love your comments.